Dublin Food Co-op Survey

Dublin Food Co-op will have to move premises in 2018 at the latest due to the planned redevelopment of the current premises.

As agreed during the Coordinating Body/members meeting on the 14th of January 2017 we are seeking your views and opinions in relation to our core services.

Knowing which services are most important to you will help us decide what kind of premises we need to ensure these services are being delivered.

Other location:

6. How important are these services, currently provided by the Dublin Food Co-op, to you?

Mark their importance to you between 1 = not important and 5 = very important.

7. How much would you be interested by the following services/products if the Dublin Food Co-op were to offer them?

Mark your interest in them between 1 = not interested and 5 = very interested.

Please note, the survey may take a few seconds to save. If you have any problems please contact comms@dublinfood.coop.